I hope you are all taking time to slow down and enjoy the fast approaching holiday season!  Things have been pretty hectic in the Roxy Brown Fashion studio this year.  I had my first magazine interview, which turned out really well! Check me out!
Very cool, no? :)Additionally, I would like to remind you all to SHOP LOCAL for the holidays this year.  Whether it be local wine, chocolates, handmade crafts, wine (did I say that already? ;) hehe) or anything else your heart desires, please be an active part of strengthening your community by supporting small businesses and local vendors.

Life is short and the sky's the limit, so follow your dreams every day!

<3 Roxy <3

How do these season changes always sneak up on me? haha. Maybe it has something to do with being incredibly busy drafting and grading patterns for my new tattoo-inspired line, Roxalicious, which is scheduled to launch this summer! However, funding for this awesomely unique and innovative project is stagnant at the moment.

So... here I am reaching out to all of my cyber friends and fans to let you know that I am currently taking orders for prom season 2013!! If you or anyone you know is looking for a one-of-a-kind, completely authentic and original Roxy Brown Fashion prom dress design, please contact me as soon as possible to schedule a consultation, receive a free quote and have your glamourous attire ready for your special night!

Additionally, I have been using this lull in the production of the Roxalicious line to utilize some of my mountains of fabric to bring you some fresh, new, spring/summer Roxy Brown Fashion designs! Stay tuned for pictures to come soon...!!

<3 Roxy <3

I just wanted to take a quick moment to draw your attention to my brand new photo set, featuring several classic and a few new Roxy Brown Fashion pieces. Let me know what you think, and as always, feel free to contact me if you are interested in obtaining an existing piece or if you are interested in commissioning me for some custom design work!

<3 Roxy <3

The holidays are upon us, and like many people I feel busier than ever! I would like to take a moment to encourage you all to take the time to support small, local businesses when you are out doing your holiday shopping.

You can find your original Roxy Brown Fashion goodies here. Also, be sure to check out additional items in my eBay store!

Whether you are celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus or any other holiday this season, I wish you well. Stay warm, keep in good company and relax and recharge for the coming year!

<3 Roxy Brown <3

Hey, everybody! It's time for another Roxy Brown Fashion blog post!

I am currently looking for female models to help in my design process.  This is a non-paying gig, but will provide awesome experience, a professional photoshoot with complementary prints of your pictures and the possibility of trading my design and sewing services for your assistance! 

I need models for three very different projects, so no matter what your style, shape, background, etc., if you are a size 0 - 8 and are looking to add some shots to your portfolio, please contact me ASAP! 

I am specifically on the hunt for females with tattoos, piercings, body modifications of all kinds.  I am also looking for models that are comfortable with shooting nudes (implied and tasteful only!) and trying their hand at a lingerie runway event. 

If you or someone you know fits this criteria and is located in the CT/NY/MA area, please contact me with face and body shots, stats, level of experience (if any) and a brief  description about yourself and why you are interested in working with Roxy Brown Fashion!  I will provide further details of my design ideas upon receiving the above information.

Again, please pass this post along to anyone you know who may be interested in working with a stellar designer in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere!

Thank you for all your support!

<3 Roxy Brown <3

I never can seem to capture time the way I plan to, but I always enjoy the challenge nonetheless.  Seeing as the Halloween season is upon us already, I figured it's about time for a status update!

Currently, I am selling many of the pieces featured in my portfolio in order to fund three brand new and totally unique lines from Roxy Brown Fashion.  Please check out the Roxy Brown Fashion Store or check out my eBay store in order to get your original Roxy Brown design today!  Check back often for additional listings direct from the Roxy Brown Fashion portfolio! 

I am also taking on custom projects at this time in order to facilitate my own design undertakings, so do not hesitate to contact me for a free quote!

Additionally, I've added new photos to my portfolio, so be sure to check them out and submit your feedback!!

Here's to health, wealth, happiness and success.  Cheers!

<3 Roxy Brown <3