How do these season changes always sneak up on me? haha. Maybe it has something to do with being incredibly busy drafting and grading patterns for my new tattoo-inspired line, Roxalicious, which is scheduled to launch this summer! However, funding for this awesomely unique and innovative project is stagnant at the moment.

So... here I am reaching out to all of my cyber friends and fans to let you know that I am currently taking orders for prom season 2013!! If you or anyone you know is looking for a one-of-a-kind, completely authentic and original Roxy Brown Fashion prom dress design, please contact me as soon as possible to schedule a consultation, receive a free quote and have your glamourous attire ready for your special night!

Additionally, I have been using this lull in the production of the Roxalicious line to utilize some of my mountains of fabric to bring you some fresh, new, spring/summer Roxy Brown Fashion designs! Stay tuned for pictures to come soon...!!

<3 Roxy <3